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Home Health & Hospice Consulting

Meet Jeanette Dove



With 35+-years in hospice, first as a field nurse and, ultimately ascending to C-Suite of Top-5 Bristol, JEANETTE DOVE is a force of nature. At the dawn of her career, her “constant companions” as a field nurse were pay phones and pagers. From this, the emergence of hospice in the home, Ms. Dove’s “co-creation” concepts enabled Bristol to grow from a census of 1 to 5K+.  A quality, technology and culture evangelist, the current Advisory Board Member and Executive Vice president Emeritus says her favorite topic is this concept of co-creation or, as she says, “Getting by ‘with a little help from my friends’.” Sharing her decades of experience, Ms. Dove enjoys networking with members of the hospice community.

Meet Stacey Page

Business Development Manager

Stacey Page joins Engage as the Business Development Manager, with experience in revenue recovery, re-establishing business relationships, management and staff turnarounds, and policy and procedure development. She has worked with multiple companies and created new and fresh plans for success within the guidelines of the business plans provided. Her outlook always keeps the client in mind without forgetting about the staff. Her passion for Home Health and Hospice comes not only from her mother, Jeanette Dove but through personal experience with family. After caring for her grandfather while on Hospice in her home she was able to see up close and personal the relationship between patient, staff, and caregiver from a new perspective. There were many opportunities to learn and gain an appreciation for Healthcare workers through this experience. Her love for Hospice grew as she was able to converge her mother’s life with personal experience. After Jeanette's retirement from Bristol Hospice her love of Hospice did not. Thus, Engage was established with this mother-daughter team.


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